The following roster contains the names of all persons that have earned the rank of black belt in Goshin-Do Karate-Do DeFelice-Ryu. An * denotes that the Yundansha remains active. Please refer to the “In Memorium” Page for a listing of deceased Yudansha.

Shihan DeFelice & Sensei Szmitkowski, Circa 2011

Shihan DeFelice & Sensei Szmitkowski, Circa 2011

seiza - ringwood  1. John M. Szmitkowski * (Senior Black Belt) For Sensei Szmitkowski’s pedigree & rank please visit his weblog at http://senseijohn.me/about/

Renshi Title:

    Jimmy pormotion 2. Renshi Jimmy DiMicelli, Go-Dan *

Sensei Title:

  3. Sensei Paul Recchia, Go-Dan

SENSEI BOB  4. Robert Wieczorek, Go-Dan *

GE DIGITAL CAMERA  5. David Crum, Go-Dan

sensei nick-paul  6. Nicholas D’Antuono, Yon-Dan

7. Gil Breit, Yon-Dan

8. Kimberly Szmitkowski, San-Dan

9. Walter Byrne, San-Dan

10. Howard Viele, San-Dan

11. Steve Pizzoll0, San-Dan

12. Bobbie Gumowski, Ni-Dan

SENSEI RUDY  13. Rudy Wiegand, NiDan *

14. David Church, Ni-Dan

15. James Kingston, Ni-Dan

16. Jeffrey Tyne, Ni-Dan

17. Steve Malmoud, Ni-Dan

18.Toni Fabi, Ni-Dan

19. Richard Shields, Sho-Dan

20. Jerry Ventura, Sho-Dan *

21. Tony Ferrante, Sho-Dan

22. Greg Etmekjian, Sho-Dan

23. Richard Katz, Sho-Dan

24. James Angelidis, Sho-Dan

2 Responses to “YUDANSHA ROSTER”

  1. Matthew Aceino May 1, 2022 at 6:53 pm #

    I trained under Sensai Jerry Thompson at Arts of Self Defense when it was originally located in Hawthorn N.J.
    We were part of the Goshin-do Karate-do Assoc.
    That was 50+ years ago. I have recently returned to training at nearly 70 years old.
    I am wondering if anyone has information on any of the former students or instructor.
    I know that Shihan VanLenten has passed away but I have no knowledge of Sensai Jerry Thompson or instructors such as Denise Rayo.
    If anyone has any information I would be interested to know.
    Thank you in advance
    Mtt Aceino

    • defeliceryu May 8, 2022 at 9:52 am #

      Thank-You for your comment Matt.
      Unfortunately I do not have current information on Sensei Thompson. Some year ago he had provided me with archival documents & videos. Throughout this site and my own at http://www.SenseiJohn.me you may find more photos and articles by searching Sensei name in the search bar. Also on my you tube channel – FlyFishingDojo – there are a few kata videos that trace various kata through the years within the Goshin-Do Karate-Do Association – Sensei Thompson and/or his students are featured in some. If you need help finding please comment on my site (I check that more often).
      My best,
      – Sensei John

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