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FREE Kata Laboratory Online Course

18 May

Exciting Announcement:

Sensei John is excited to announce a FREE Kata Laboratory Lite online course.

Now, you can “Think * Sweat * Experiment” © with your kata using Sensei John’s innovative Kata Laboratory experience for FREE in the comfort of your own home. A truly innovative approach to kata analysis like you have not experienced before.

      In his FREE Kata Lab “Lite” courses, Sensei John selects one topic from his full Kata Laboratory and offers it for FREE to all martial artists, regardless of art or style, that perform kata.

In this first presentation Sensei John explores “Time as a 4th dimension of distance.” Sensei offers analytical techniques to explore your kata to maximize not just speed (a physical concept) but also “time efficiency” (a non-physical concept) buried within your kata. Why not “Think * Sweat * Experiment” with Sensei? You have nothing to loose, not even time. To learn more, see the full curriculum of this Kata Lab Lite or enroll for FREE, please use this safe, convenient link:

     You may view Sensei John’s entire Kata Laboratory curriculum (including teaser articles and videos) here: https://senseijohn.me/kata-lab/


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