SEMINAR: Kata Laboratory


Proctored by: Sensei John Szmitkowski,  Karate-Do No Kyoshi, Goshin-Do Karate-Do

seiza - ringwood


Based in New Jersey, the seminar will be COMING TO THE EAST COAST IN 2015 

Ushering in a new Kata experience, I am pleased to offer the following unique seminar experience which uses that kata of your system.

For seminar information, please feel free to e-mail me at: FlyFishingDojo@Me.Com


Will my unique Kata Laboratory benefit you?


Do you desire more from your kata experience?
Are you bored with the study of kata?
Why does kata never seem to flow seamlessly with kumite?
Am I merely dancing when I perform a kata?
Has my kata education been nothing more than a morass of “technical corrections”?
What are the spiritual aspects of kata?

Isn’t it time for you to self-discover and build upon the kata, that you already know?

I am so confident that you will find my approach knowledgeable and refreshing when compared to the old paradigm of “technical corrections” that I make an offer no other person has – You do not pay for my seminar in advance, rather, YOU ONLY PAY AT THE END IF TOTALLY SATISFIED. How many “masters” that offer seminars will do that?

Finally – a kata seminar using the kata of YOUR system, as YOU perform them as a means for you to SELF-discover the hidden treasures that lie within the science of kata.

How is this possible?

Having spent over forty years in karate-do I have always enjoyed not just kata, but what I call the “science” of kata. By the science of kata, I mean the study of kata, bunkai and related topics from not only a physical experience, but also one of the spirit. I have been extremely fortunate to have shared the experience of kata with many persons from distinct backgrounds and styles. I had enjoyed this very social experience since my earliest days of karate-do.
Then, in 2004, after a geographic relocation, my kata experience was transformed from the social, public experience to a private, introspective, personal one. My years of private, introspective, almost monastic, sweat-filled, devotion and practice of kata has enriched not only my physical understanding of kata but also my inner spiritual self as expressed through kata.

Intrigued? Here is a sample of topics and training drills from the seminar which include, but are not limited to:

Exploration of the small group dynamic as it limits one’s individual ability to understand kata;
Practical, hands-on methods to practice the relationship between kata and kumite;
3. Drills to learn to utilize kata in jiyu-kumite (free-style kumite)
4. Examination of and drills to deconstruct systemic kata so as to reconstruct kata as individualized within systemic demands as it relates to the martial ideology of Shu-Ha-Ri;
5. Unique approach to unifying kata and bunkai practice in one methodology;
6. Applying kata, kumite and goshin-jitsu (self-defense) as one methodology;
7. Procedures to construct a foundation upon which to explore the inner, spiritual aspects of kata-jitsu.

You can also preview a few of the Kata Laboratory articles and videos that I have made available to the public free-of-charge using this convenient link:

In addition to the seminar, each attendee that pays the seminar fee will receive a complimentary training manual (approximately 80 pages in length) featuring the seminar drills, commentary and narrative to continue your training.



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