2013 – The Year Of The White Belt

26 Dec

I suggest that in the days, hours, minutes and seconds that begin to unfold into the path that will be called “2013”, we need to walk that unwinding path with the “mind of a white belt.”


This concept is derived from a karate-do percept, “Observe with the mind of a white belt.” The while belt, worn by novice students, is said to symbolize purity and innocence in terms of preconceptions as to karate. When a karate-ka first enters the Dojo, the neophyte observes without preconceived thought or emotion. Thus, one observes every detail, even the most minute, with the pure eyes of a child. In doing so, one is able to capture the inner most aspect of a karate-do technique and incorporate it into one’s personal repertoire.

Prior to the advent of modern colored belts, a karate-ka would wear the same belt (a white belt) during his entire training. Although the karate uniform would be laundered  regularly, as a sign of respect, the karate-ka would not wash his belt. Over time, the white belt would become soiled. The belt would even be used to wipe the sweat from one’s brow after training. Thus, the belt would become discolored, eventually turning black from use, wear and tear. This is the humble birth of the all too coveted black belt.

In the final days that remain of the year 2012, we should shed our internal black belt. Our preconceptions, emotions and perhaps even thoughts have become “soiled” over time. In the first indicia of time that calls forth “2013!” let us all shed preconceptions – “internal and emotional baggage”. In the first millisecond of 2013, we should commit to don the belt of a novice and view the minutest details of the unfolding year with a pure and innocent heart and spirit. Let us all become the exalted white belt.

Happy New Year - 2013

Happy New Year – 2013

Respectfully submitted,


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